Echocardiography for diagnosis and treatment on Berry syndrome
作者: Li JianruLiu TechangHeart Center,Guangzhou Women and children's Medical Center
刊名: Guangzhou Medical Journal, 2014(05), pp.34-36
中文刊名: 广州医药, 2014(05), pp.34-36
DOI: CNKI:SUN:GZYY.0.2014-05-012
关键词: Berry syndromeEchocardiographyDiagnoseTreatment
中文关键词: Berry综合征超声心动图诊断治疗
英文摘要: Objective To evaluate the value of echocardiography on Berry syndrome. Methods Clinical and imaging information with 6 patients with Berry syndrome were analyzed. Results Among the 6 patients with Berry syndrome diagnosed by echocardiography,5 definited cases,1 suspected cases. 5 cases were confirmed by computed tomography and(or) surgical operations. 1 case was different from the results of the computed tomography and surgical operation. They showed the type B interruption of aortic arch. The postoperative ultrasound of 4 cases of surgery patients showed that the interval of aorta and pulmonary is continuous,it has no residual shunt,the right pulmonary artery connect with the main pulmonary artery,the blood flow is unobstructed,the aortic arch and descending aorta is continuous,the blood...
中文摘要: 目的探讨超声心动图在Berry综合征诊治中的应用价值。方法对6例诊断为Berry综合征患儿的临床及影像学资料进行回顾性分析。结果 6例Berry综合征患儿经超声心动图检查确诊5例,疑诊1例。其中5例经CT检查和(或)手术证实,1例与CT检查及手术结果不符,表现为B型主动脉弓离断。4例手术患儿术后超声心动图示主动脉与肺动脉间隔回声连续,未见残余分流;右肺动脉与主肺动脉连接,血流通畅;主动脉弓降部连续,血流通畅。结论应用超声心动图可对Berry综合征进行早期诊断、手术效果评价,操作简便易行,可重复性强,对患者的预后随访有重要意义。