Research on Indicator System in Ecological Environment Benefit of Assembled Integral Building
作者: ZHU BaifengLI LihongFU XinSchool of Management,Shenyang Jianzhu UniversityOffice of Shenyang Modern Construction Industry Management
刊名: Journal of Shenyang Jianzhu University(Social Science), 2015(04), pp.401-406
中文刊名: 沈阳建筑大学学报(社会科学版), 2015(04), pp.401-406
来源数据库: Scientia Socialis publishing house
DOI: CNKI:SUN:SJSH.0.2015-04-016
关键词: assembled integral buildingindicator systemecological environment benefitsevaluation model
中文关键词: 装配整体式建筑指标体系生态环境效益评价模型
英文摘要: A comprehensive evaluation indicator system in ecological environment benefit of assembled integral building w as established after analyzing the manufacturing features and the advantages of environmental protection and resource conservation betw een assembled integral building and traditional building from the production and installation of precast concrete prefabricated components.Then,this paper determines the positive and negative effect of this type of building on the ecological environment during construction. At last,taken the project cases for empirical analysis,the paper provides a scientific method for the research of evaluation on the benefit of ecological environment of assembled integral buildings.
中文摘要: 从装配整体式建筑的生产技术与施工工艺入手,比较装配整体式建筑和现浇式建筑的建造特点,分析其在混凝土预制构件生产与安装过程中保护环境、节约资源的优势,确定该类型建筑在建造过程中对生态环境产生的正负效益影响,构建了装配整体式建筑的生态环境效益综合评价体系,以评价装配整体式建筑产生的生态环境效益。最后,以具体项目案例进行实证分析,为装配整体式建筑生态环境效益评价相关研究提供了科学的方法。