Experimental Analysis and Application of Pumping Unit Transmission Efficiency
作者: ZHANG DeshiFENG ZimingSHAO ShoujunWANG XinminPetroleum Engineering Research Institute,Daqing Oilfield Company Ltd.School of Mechanical Science and Engineering,Northeast Petroleum UniversityNo.1 Oil Production Company,Daqing Oilfield Company Ltd.
刊名: Oil Field Equipment, 2015(01), pp.48-51
中文刊名: 石油矿场机械, 2015(01), pp.48-51
DOI: CNKI:SUN:SKJX.0.2015-01-013
关键词: pumping unittransmission efficiencyexperimental analysisfitting model
中文关键词: 抽油机传动效率试验分析拟合模型
英文摘要: In order to obtain the precise transmission efficiency model of each drive disk assembly of pumping unit,simulation measurement and study work were conducted in the indoor motor test rig and simulation text well respectively.By means of fitting test data of electrical parameter,torque and rotate speed,the transmission efficiency models of motor,belt,gearbox and four-bar were achieved.Using these mathematic models,the transient transmission efficiency curves could be drawn,such as motor efficiency curve,belt efficiency curve,gearbox efficiency curve and fourbar efficiency curve.This study results can provide the basic foundation to optimization design and comprehensive assessment for pumping unit.
中文摘要: 为获得抽油机各传动部件的精确传动效率模型,分别在室内电动机工作性能试验台和模拟试验井上模拟实际工况,进行试验测试与研究。通过对测试的电参数、转矩和转速的拟合处理,获得了电动机、皮带、减速箱和四连杆等部件的传动效率函数,并使用本函数计算了各部件在特定工况下的瞬态传动效率曲线,为抽油机优化设计与综合评价提供技术支持。