Bioinformatic Prediction of microRNAs and Their Target Genes in Oat
作者: GUO Hong-yuanJIA Ju-qingDUAN NaZHANG Yi-qingSHU Guo-pingCHEN Xiao-saCollege of Agronomy,Shanxi Agricultural University
刊名: Journal of Shanxi Agricultural Sciences, 2014(05), pp.428-431
中文刊名: 山西农业科学, 2014(05), pp.428-431
DOI: CNKI:SUN:SXLX.0.2014-05-003
关键词: microRNAoatESTGSStarget gene
中文关键词: microRNA燕麦ESTGSS靶基因
英文摘要: microRNAs(miRNAs), is a class of small 22 nt in length, non-coding, endogenous, single-stranded RNAs in eukaryotes, regulate gene expression negatively at the post-transcriptional levels depending on the extent of complementation between miRNA and mRNA. In this paper, a computational homology search approach based on the conservation of miRNA sequences and the stem-loop hairpin secondary structures of miRNAs was adopted. We used previously deposited miRNA sequences from Hordeum vulgare, Triticum aestivum, Brachypodium distachyon and other plant species to blast the databases of oat expressed sequence tags and genomic survey sequence that do not correspond to protein coding genes. Following the filtering with a combination of stringent criteria, 46 potential miRNAs were detected in oat,...
中文摘要: microRNAs(miRNAs)是一类长度约22 nt的内源性非编码单链小分子RNA,通过与靶基因互补位点配对结合,在转录后水平负性调控靶基因的表达。根据miRNA在植物中的高度保守性及其前体二级结构特征,用同源预测方法将大麦、小麦、二穗短柄草等已知的植物miRNAs与燕麦表达序列标签(EST)和基因组概览序列(GSS)数据库中的非编码序列比对,采用一系列的标准进行筛选,最后预测得到46个燕麦miRNAs前体,通过在线psRNATarget检索共预测到61个靶基因。结果表明,通过生物信息学方法大大提高了发现miRNAs及其靶基因的效率,补充了燕麦miRNA数据库的不足。