Introduction of Construction Characteristics of a Partial Prefabricated Building
作者: Xu LangLi XinZhang MingliangLiu WeiTang DanHunan Construction Engineering Group Co.,Ltd.Assembly Construction Technology Research Institute of Hunan Construction GroupHunan Institute of Engineering
刊名: Journal of Information Technology in Civil Engineering and Architecture, 2019(03), pp.44-49
中文刊名: 土木建筑工程信息技术, 2019(03), pp.44-49
DOI: CNKI:SUN:TMJZ.0.2019-03-008
关键词: Partial Prefabricated BuildingComposite BeamLaminated SlabPC ComponentBIM Technology
中文关键词: 装配整体式建筑叠合梁叠合板PC构件BIM技术
英文摘要: There have been many policy documents in state-,province-and city-levels about the development of prefabricated buildings in recent years,which are aiming at promoting the application of prefabricated buildings. Currently,the prefabricated buildings can be built by two forms of fully prefabrication and partial prefabrication,in which the latter one is of more applications in the industry. This paper introduces the construction progress of a certain partial prefabricated building project,and sorts out the problems related to the construction of partial prefabricated building. Relevant opinions and suggests are promoted that,in the design stage,the overall planning of PC component application deserves more attention to be paid,and that effective transformation of design drawings should be...
中文摘要: 近年来,国家、各省市、自治区不断出台推进装配式建筑发展的政策文件,大力推进装配式建筑应用,主要有全装配式和装配整体式两种,其中装配整体式建筑是目前行业中采用较多的形式。本文结合某装配整体式建筑的建设过程,对装配整体式建筑施工的相关问题进行梳理,并提出相关意见建议:应注重装配式建筑设计阶段针对PC构件应用的整体规划,以及实施阶段设计图纸的有效转化,将设计、生产、施工流程贯通,严格控制PC构件质量,方能保证装配式建筑技术的优越性得到发挥。

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