Decision Making of Prefabricated Building Construction Scheme Based on Vector Included Angle Cosine
作者: CHEN Wei-gongZHANG Sheng-xiWANG Hui-huiLI Meng-mengSchool of Management,Qingdao University of Technology
刊名: Journal of Civil Engineering and Management, 2017(04), pp.71-76
中文刊名: 土木工程与管理学报, 2017(04), pp.71-76
DOI: 10.13579/j.cnki.2095-0985.2017.04.012
关键词: prefabricated buildingsconstructionCOWA operatorfuzzy comprehensive evaluationvector included angle cosine
中文关键词: 装配整体式建筑施工COWA算子模糊综合评价向量夹角余弦
英文摘要: In China,prefabricated building is still in the stage of development,and the relevant norms,standards and other security system is still under construction. Therefore,it is very important to realize the high level construction of the prefabricated buildings and to ensure the scientific rationality of construction scheme decision. In this connection,the paper embarks from the actual prefabricated building scheme decision and the key factors to affect the assembled integral building effect are collected and classified. The assembled integral building scheme evaluation index system is then established. Based on the combination of COWA operator and fuzzy theory,the index of uncertainty is quantified. Finally,by introducing the method of the classical vector included angle cosine method,the...
中文摘要: 在我国,装配整体式建筑尚处于发展阶段,相关规范、标准等保障体系还在建设当中。因此,施工方案决策的科学合理性对于保证装配整体式建筑高水平建设至关重要。为此,本文从装配建筑施工技术和管理特点入手,对影响装配整体式建筑施工的关键因素进行收集和划分,建立了装配整体式建筑施工方案评价指标体系,通过C-OWA算子与模糊理论的结合,将具有较高不确定性的指标进行客观量化,最终,引入经典的向量夹角余弦一致性评价方法进行方案的决策分析,解决了数据量化标准不同的多个指标在同一模型中进行评价的难题,并进一步提高了决策的准确性。算例分析表明,该方法是科学可行的。