Application Progress of Fecal Microbiota Transplantation
作者: XIAO YanyanLIU JianhuaQIN XiaosongLIU YongDepartment of Laboratory Medicine,Shengjing Hospital,China Medical University
刊名: Medical Recapitulate, 2019(08), pp.1566-1570+1576
中文刊名: 医学综述, 2019(08), pp.1566-1570+1576
关键词: Fecal microbiota transplantationEcological disordersClostridium difficile infection
中文关键词: 粪便菌群移植生态失调难辨梭菌感染
英文摘要: There are many types and numbers of human microbes( microbiota),and intestinal micro-ecological imbalance is associated with various diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease. The intestinal tract is considered to be an independent organ and plays an important role in the development of the body' s immune system and metabolic balance. There are records of the application of fecal microbiota transplantation( FMT) to treat diseases in ancient China. In recent years,FMT has become a research hotspot. A large number of clinical trials and evidence-based medicine suggest that FMT is an effective method for the treatment of recurrent Clostridium difficile infection( r CDI). The European and North American guidelines also recommend the use of FMT for r CDI that fails in the antibiotic...
中文摘要: 人类的肠道菌群种类和数量众多,肠道微生态失衡与炎症性肠病等多种疾病相关。肠道被认为是一个独立器官,在人体免疫系统发育和代谢平衡等系统中具有重要的作用。在我国古代就有应用粪便菌群移植(FMT)治疗疾病的记载。近年来,FMT成为研究热点,大量临床试验及循证医学证据表明FMT是治疗复发性难辨梭菌感染(r CDI)的有效方法,欧洲和北美的指南中也推荐将FMT用于抗生素治疗失败的r CDI,同时也可考虑将FMT用于与肠道生态失调相关的其他多种慢性疾病。

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