Research Status and Key Technologies of Low Altitude Solar Powered UAVs
作者: Cao XiaoWang ZhengpingHe YuntaoLiu GangSchool of Aerospace Engineering,Beijing Institute of Technology
刊名: Tactical Missile Technology, 2019(01), pp.64-71
中文刊名: 战术导弹技术, 2019(01), pp.64-71
DOI: CNKI:SUN:ZSDD.0.2019-01-011
关键词: low altitudesolar powered UAVssolar cellsenergy management
中文关键词: 低空太阳能无人机太阳能电池能源管理
英文摘要: Aimed at the key technical bottlenecks of the development of low altitude solar UAVs,the development status of this type of UAVs is summarized,and the key technologies of low altitude solar UAVs is analyzed. It is pointed out that identifying solar cells for low altitude environments,sound energy management strategies,efficient and reliable propulsion systems,lightweight and efficient body platforms,stable flight control,and energy-optimized track planning are core issue in the future developments for low altitude solar drones. The research can provides the necessary reference and design ideas for the overall design stage.
中文摘要: 针对低空太阳能无人机的发展过程及关键技术瓶颈,综述了该类型无人机的发展现状,分析了低空太阳能无人机的关键技术。指明了适应低空环境的太阳能电池、合理的能源管理策略、高效可靠的推进系统、轻质高效的机体平台,稳定的飞行控制,以及能量最优的航迹规划是未来低空太阳能无人机发展过程需要解决的核心问题。为总体设计阶段提供了必要的参考依据和设计思路。

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