Value of echocardiography for diagnosing Berry syndrome
作者: LUO LiZHAO Yi-lanSHEN JieDepartment of Ultrasonography,the People's Hospital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
刊名: Chinese Journal of New Clinical Medicine, 2018(06), pp.596-599
中文刊名: 中国临床新医学, 2018(06), pp.596-599
关键词: Berry syndromeEchocardiography
中文关键词: Berry综合征超声心动图
英文摘要: Objective To explore the value of echocardiography for diagnosing Berry syndrome. Methods The clinical and imaging data of 6 cases with Berry syndrome proved by surgery were retrospectively analyzed. Results The ultrasonic diagnosis was fully consistent with the surgical results in 4 cases( 66. 7%),partly in 2 cases( 33. 3%)including 1 case with aortic origin of the right pulmonary artery,and 1 cases with type A of interruption of aortic arch.Conclusion Berry syndrome could be diagnosed accurately by echocardiography which is the first choice of preoperative diagnosis,postoperative reexamination and prognosis evaluation for the patients.
中文摘要: 目的探讨超声心动图对Berry综合征的诊断价值。方法选取2011-01~2017-07该院6例经外科手术确诊为Berry综合征的患者为研究对象,对其超声心动图特征及诊断情况进行回顾性分析。结果4例(66.7%)超声诊断与手术结果完全符合,2例(33.3%)超声诊断与手术结果部分符合(这2例中1例漏诊右肺动脉异常起源于升主动脉,另1例漏诊主动脉弓离断A型)。结论超声心动图能准确评估Berry综合征及合并其他畸形,是术前诊断及术后复查的首选方法,对于手术的实施方案及预后有着重要意义。