Paths to employment: The role of social networks in the job search for women on welfare in San Francisco
作者: Karen Diane Chapple
作者单位: University of California, Berkeley
学位授予单位英文名称: University of California, Berkeley
研究方向英文名称: Urban and Regional Planning;Women's Studies;Social Work;Sociology, Public and Social Welfare
导师英文名称: Chair: Michael B. Teitz
出版社: 2000
出版社: ProQuest Dissertation & Thesis Database
关键词: California
英文摘要: Although the causality of inner-city unemployment is complex, many of the poor clearly remain unconnected to employment opportunities in terms of knowing people who can provide information and assistance to facilitate the job search. For welfare mothers seeking work, using personal intermediaries may help to alleviate employers' concerns about poor work habits, lack of work experience, race/ethnicity, child-rearing obligations, and the length of time spent on welfare. ^ Based on in-depth interviews with 92 women currently or recently on welfare, this dissertation argues that social networks serve several special functions in the job search for women on welfare. They help protect welfare mothers from pervasive discrimination and help them transition into relatively well-paying,...
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  • welfare 福利
  • employment 雇用
  • social 群居的
  • search 搜索
  • income 收入
  • wages 工资
  • causality 因果律
  • working 开采
  • women 妇女
  • workforce 劳动力