Conservation Biology in Sub-Saharan Africa
作者: John W. WilsonRichard B. Primack
出版社: Open Book Publishers,   2019
ISBN: 978-1-78374-750-4
来源数据库: Open Book Publishers
DOI: 10.11647/OBP.0177
关键词: Sub-Saharan AfricaTextbookConservationBiodiversityEnvironmental lawsProtected areas managementSustainabilityPovertyHuman-wildlife conflictAfricaTextbook
原始语种摘要: Conservation Biology in Sub-Saharan Africa comprehensively explores the challenges and potential solutions to key conservation issues in Sub-Saharan Africa. Easy to read, this lucid and accessible textbook includes fifteen chapters that cover a full range of conservation topics, including threats to biodiversity, environmental laws, and protected areas management, as well as related topics such as sustainability, poverty, and human-wildlife conflict. This rich resource also includes a background discussion of what conservation biology is, a wide range of theoretical approaches to the subject, and concrete examples of conservation practice in specific African contexts. Strategies are outlined to protect biodiversity whilst promoting economic development in the region. Boxes covering...
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  • Africa 非洲
  • chapter 
  • management 管理
  • conflict 冲突
  • working 开采
  • poverty 贫穷
  • economic 经济的
  • conservation 保存
  • wildlife 野生生物
  • undergraduate 大学肄业生