Images of Immigrants and Refugees
副标题: Media Representations, Public Opinion and Refugees’ Experiences
出版社: Leuven University Press,   2019
ISBN: 9789461662811
来源数据库: Leuven University Press
原始语种摘要: Perception and representation of newcomers and immigrants The topic of migration has become particularly contentious in national and international debates. Media have a discernable impact on overall societal attitudes towards this phenomenon. Polls show time and again that immigration is one of the most important issues occupying people’s minds. This book examines the dynamic interplay between media representations of migrants and refugees on the one hand and the governmental and societal (re)actions to these on the other. Largely focusing on Belgium and Sweden, this collection of interdisciplinary research essays attempts to unravel the determinants of people’s preferences regarding migration policy, expectations towards newcomers, and economic, humanitarian and cultural concerns about...
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  • immigration 移居
  • legacy 遗产
  • policy 政策
  • focusing 
  • collection 收集
  • expectations 期待的事物
  • humanitarian 人道主义
  • representation 表现
  • voiceless 无声的
  • again