Futures of the Contemporary
副标题: Contemporaneity, Untimeliness, and Artistic Research
出版社: Leuven University Press,   2019
ISBN: 9789461662866
来源数据库: Leuven University Press
原始语种摘要: Transdisciplinary approaches to the notions of “the contemporary” and “contemporaneity” Futures of the Contemporary explores different notions and manifestations of “the contemporary” in music, visual arts, art theory, and philosophy. In particular, the authors in this collection of essays scrutinise the role of artistic research in critical and creative expressions of contemporaneity. When distinguished from “the contemporaneous” of a given historical time, “the contemporary” becomes a crucial concept, promoting or excluding objects and practices according to their ability to diagnose previously unnoticed aspects of the present. In this sense, the contemporary gains a critical function, involving particular modes of relating to history and one’s own time. Written by major experts from...
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  • Orpheus 俄耳甫斯
  • apprehension 恐惧
  • unnoticed 看不出的
  • temporality 俗权
  • artistic 艺术的
  • contemporary 流行
  • Plymouth 顺风牌汽车
  • philosophy 哲学
  • critical 临界的
  • history 历史