Consumer policy and the smart home
作者: OECD
英文丛书称: OECD Digital Economy Papers
出版社: OECD Publishing,   2018
来源数据库: 外文图书
DOI: 10.1787/e124c34a-en
原始语种摘要: The “smart home” looks set to be the arena in which many people will utilise consumer-facing Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for the first time. A new generation of familiar household devices and appliances (e.g. washing machines) are becoming “smart” through the addition of sensors, software and Internet connections. They are entering the home alongside innovative IoT era devices (e.g. smart speakers) – often integrating with them to form smart residential systems (e.g. relating to energy, entertainment and home security). This report outlines the key consumer benefits and risks associated with Internet of Things (IoT) devices in the “smart home”. The benefits include convenience, customisation and control. However, there are potential risks for smart home residents such as data...

  • smart 修]灵巧[便,敏
  • residential 居住的
  • household 
  • benefits 津贴费
  • security 可靠性
  • often 往往
  • alongside 船边
  • integrating 集成
  • convenience 便利
  • supply 供给