Streamlining Free Radical Green Chemistry
作者: Tamara PerchyonokIoannis N. LykakisAl Postigo
出版社: RSC,   2011
ISBN: 9781849733328
来源数据库: Royal Society of Chemistry
原始语种摘要: Dr V. Tamara Perchyonok is a Chief Scientist at VTPCHEM PTY Ltd and a Researcher at the School of Dentistry and Oral Health at Griffith University. Her research interests cover prototype drug delivery systems, functional nanomaterials, and analytical, nano and organic chemistry. The focus of her work is primarily on free radical chemistry, green analytical chemistry, molecular recognition and polymer chemistry. Prior to this she was a Marie Curie Senior Research Fellow at the ISOF, CNR in Bologna, a Senior Researcher at Chirogen PTY Ltd, and a DFG Post Doctoral Fellow at LMU in Munich. During this time, Dr Perchyonok's research interests covered both academic and commercial aspects of bio-compatible free radical chemistry via both experimental and computational approaches. Her current...
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  • radical 
  • covered 有盖的
  • currently 普遍地
  • centered 中心馈电的
  • interests 利益
  • returned 退回
  • offer 供给
  • concise 简洁
  • mechanistic 机械的
  • chemistry 化学