Trichoscopy and Trichogram
作者: Melike Kibar
英文丛书称: Hair and Scalp Disorders
出版社: IntechOpen,   2017
ISBN: 978-953-51-3097-0
来源数据库: IntechOpen
DOI: 10.5772/66836
关键词: trichoscopytrichogramscalp dermoscopydermoscopydermatoscopyhair losscicatritial alopecianoncicatritial alopeciaalopeciaalopecia areataandrogenetic alopeciadiscoid lupus erythematosusfrontal fibrosing alopecialichen planopilaris
原始语种摘要: Hair and scalp examination techniques can be classified into three categories: noninvasive methods (clinical history, general examination, photography, hair count, weighing shed hair, pull test, global hair counts, dermoscopy, electron microscopy, laser scanning microscopy, etc.); semi‐invasive methods (the trichogram, unit areatrichogram); and invasive methods (biopsies in cicatritial alopecia). Scalp dermoscopy or trichoscopy is one of thenoninvasive techniques for the evaluation of patients with hair loss that allows for magnified visualization of the hair and scalp skin. It may be performed with a manual dermoscope (10× magnification) or a videodermoscope (up to 1000× magnification). This method is simple, quick, and easy to perform, is well‐accepted by patients, and is useful for...
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  • alopecia 脱发
  • dermatoscopy 皮血管镜检查
  • invasive 侵入的
  • scalp 头皮
  • lichen 地衣植物
  • magnification 放大
  • lupus 豺狼座
  • frontal 额骨
  • follicle 滤泡
  • weighing 称量