In Search of Basic Units of Spoken Language
作者: Shlomo Izre'elHeliana MelloAlessandro PanunziTommaso Raso
作者单位: Tel Aviv University;;Federal University of Minas Gerais;;University of Florence - LABLITA;;Federal University of Minas Gerais
英文丛书称: Studies in Corpus Linguistics
出版社: John Benjamins Publishing Company,   2020
来源数据库: John Benjamins Publishing Company
原始语种摘要: What is the best way to analyze spontaneous spoken language? In their search for the basic units of spoken language the authors of this volume opt for a corpus-driven approach. They share a strong conviction that prosodic structure is essential for the study of spoken discourse and each bring their own theoretical and practical experience to the table. In the first part of the book they segment spoken material from a range of different languages (Russian, Hebrew, Central Pomo (an indigenous language from California), French, Japanese, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese). In the second part of the book each author analyzes the same two spoken English samples, but looking at them from different perspectives, using different methods of analysis as reflected in their respective analyses in...
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  • utterance 发出
  • syntactic 语法
  • discourse 会谈
  • English 英语英国的英国人的英语的
  • prosody 语调
  • spoken 口头
  • intonation 语调
  • segmentation 分段
  • accentual 重音的
  • convey 运送