The Acquisition of Ergativity
作者: Edith L. Bavin
作者单位: La Trobe University
英文丛书称: Trends in Language Acquisition Research
出版社: John Benjamins Publishing Company,   2013
来源数据库: John Benjamins Publishing Company
DOI: 10.1075/tilar.9
原始语种摘要: Ergativity is one of the main challenges both for linguistic and acquisition theories. This book is unique, taking a cross-linguistic approach to the acquisition of ergativity in a large variety of typologically distinct languages. The chapters cover languages from different families and from different geographic areas with different expressions of ergativity. Each chapter includes a description of ergativity in the language(s), the nature of the input, the social context of acquisition and developmental patterns. Comparisons of the acquisition process across closely related languages are made, change in progress of the ergative systems is discussed and, for one language, acquisition by bilingual and monolingual children is compared. The volume will be of particular interest to language...
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  • intransitive 非可递
  • acquisition 捕获
  • syntactic 语法
  • accusative 宾格
  • acquire 获得
  • inflection 弯曲
  • language 语言
  • monolingual 单一语言的
  • marking 标示
  • verbal 口头