Hispanic Linguistics
作者: Alfonso Morales-FrontMichael J. FerreiraRonald P. LeowCristina Sanz
作者单位: Georgetown University;;Georgetown University;;Georgetown University;;Georgetown University
英文丛书称: Issues in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics
出版社: John Benjamins Publishing Company,   2020
来源数据库: John Benjamins Publishing Company
DOI: 10.1075/ihll.26
原始语种摘要: This volume addresses a wide range of phenomena including intonation, restructuring, clitic climbing, aspectual structure, subject focus marking, code-switching, lenition, loanwords, and heritage learning that are central in Hispanic linguistics today. The authors approach these issues from a variety of recent theoretical approaches and innovative methodologies and make important contributions to our current understanding of language acquisition, theoretical and descriptive linguistics, and language contact. This collection of articles is a testimony to the breadth and degree of specialization of the scholarly interest in the field. The selection of refereed chapters included in this volume were originally presented at the 20th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium (HLS) hosted at Georgetown...
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  • grammaticality 符合语法规则
  • intonation 语调
  • metalinguistic 元语言的
  • English 英语英国的英国人的英语的
  • debate 争辩
  • whereby 借此
  • language 语言
  • meaningful 有意义的
  • linguistics 语言学
  • refer 参考