The impacts and benefits of routes and trails.
作者: Ward-Perkins, D.Beckmann, C.Ellis, J.
英文丛书称: Tourism routes and trails: theory and practice
出版社: CABI Publishing,   2020
ISBN: 9781786394767
来源数据库: Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International
DOI: 10.1079/9781786394767.0164
原始语种摘要: This chapter focuses on the impacts and benefits of creating or developing tourism routes and trails. It considers the contribution of tourism to economic growth; the measurement of economic return; the economic impact of routes and trails especially in rural, mountain or remote areas; the social and cultural impact; and how routes shape and develop territories.
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  • benefits 津贴费
  • economic 经济的
  • develop 发展
  • creating 生成
  • tourism 旅游
  • especially 特别地
  • social 群居的
  • cultural 文化的
  • impact 冲击碰撞
  • measurement 测量