Recent Advances in Intelligent Automated Fruit Harvesting Robots
作者: Yanbin HuaNairu ZhangXin YuanLichun QuanJiangang YangKen NagasakaXin-Gen Zhou
刊名: The Open Agriculture Journal, 2019, Vol.13 , pp.101-106
来源数据库: Bentham OA
DOI: 10.2174/1874331501913010101
关键词: IntelligentEfficiencyAutomated fruit harvesting robotKiwifruitHorticultureSelective harvesting
原始语种摘要: Robotic harvesting offers a solution to reducing labor costs, optimizing harvest scheduling, enabling selective harvesting, and increasing operation efficiency. These attributes allow the users of robotic harvesters to maximize production efficiency and profits. This article reviews automated fruit harvesting systems of sweet pepper, tomato, apple and kiwifruit as an example to demonstrate the recent advances in intelligent automatic harvesting robots in horticulture.
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  • harvesting 收获
  • intelligent 有理性的
  • automatic 自动的
  • enabling 启动
  • demonstrate 说明
  • users 使用者
  • scheduling 
  • pepper 胡椒
  • allow 许可
  • optimizing 最佳化