Regenerative Engineering and Developmental Biology
副标题: Principles and Applications
作者: David M. Gardiner
作者单位: Department of Life Science and Bioengineering, UC Irvine, USA
英文丛书称: CRC Press Series In Regenerative Engineering
出版社: CRC Press,   2017
ISBN: 9781498723312
来源数据库: CRC Press
原始语种摘要: This cutting-edge comprehensive reference work details the technologies related to cell structure in the regeneration of tissue and organs. The focus of the first few chapters is related to what cells do (proliferation, migration, and differentiation/dedifferentiation), leading to the production of a population of regeneration-competent cells. The book then covers the information that tells cells where to go and what to make. This is the regeneration blueprint that tells the cells how to remake patterns and restore functions.
全文获取路径: CRC出版社 

  • 迁移 基准电压源
  • regeneration 再生
  • cells 麻风细胞
  • comprehensive 全面
  • cutting 伐木
  • remake 改造
  • blueprint 蓝相片
  • focus 焦点
  • restore 回复
  • reference 基准电压源
  • migration 基准电压源