Rules of the Road for Entrepreneurs
副标题: A Map for a Successful Journey
作者: H. James HarringtonShane P. Rogers
作者单位: RPM Fitness, California, USA
英文丛书称: The Little Big Book Series
出版社: CRC Press,   2022
来源数据库: CRC Press
原始语种摘要: This book combines the knowledge, skills, and risks taken by a young entrepreneur with those acquired by a senior entrepreneur. Dr. Harrington is well-known for his work with many organizations around the world at refining and improving their manufacturing and business processes, organizational structure, and strategic planning. The two authors have combined their experiences to define the process to roadmaps that minimize the risk of failure and cycle time required to go from concept to an established profitable organization. This newly defined entrepreneurial process provides a breakthrough in thinking on activity-by-activity root to entrepreneurial success.
全文获取路径: CRC出版社  (合作)

  • organizational 组织
  • entrepreneur 承包人
  • process 过程
  • their 他们的
  • strategic 战略的
  • business 交易
  • breakthrough 突破
  • minimize 最小化
  • manufacturing 制造
  • thinking 思考