Advanced Signal Processing Handbook
副标题: Theory and Implementation for Radar, Sonar, and Medical Imaging Real Time Systems
作者: Stergios Stergiopoulos
作者单位: University of Western Ontario, Canada
英文丛书称: CRC Press Revivals
出版社: CRC Press,   2017
来源数据库: CRC Press
原始语种摘要: Advances in digital signal processing algorithms and computer technology have combined to produce real-time systems with capabilities far beyond those of just few years ago. Nonlinear, adaptive methods for signal processing have emerged to provide better array gain performance, however, they lack the robustness of conventional algorithms. The challenge remains to develop a concept that exploits the advantages of both-a scheme that integrates these methods in practical, real-time systems.The Advanced Signal Processing Handbook helps you meet that challenge. Beyond offering an outstanding introduction to the principles and applications of advanced signal processing, it develops a generic processing structure that takes advantage of the similarities that exist among radar, sonar, and medical...
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  • processing 加工
  • challenge 询问
  • robustness 坚固性
  • computer 电子计算机
  • digital 数字的
  • adaptive 适应的
  • imaging 图像形成
  • introduction 导言
  • applications 应用程序
  • signal 信号