Transitional and Retrospective Justice in the Baltic States
作者: Eva-Clarita PettaiVello Pettai
作者单位: University of Tartu;;University of Tartu
出版社: Cambridge University Press,   2015
ISBN: 9781107278943
来源数据库: Cambridge University Press
DOI: 10.1017/CBO9781107278943
原始语种摘要: More than twenty years after the fall of communism, many countries in Central and Eastern Europe are still seeking truth and justice for the repression suffered under communist rule. This search has been particularly notable in the Baltic states, given the three countries' histories as both former Soviet republics and later member-states of the European Union. On the one hand, the legacy of Stalinist oppression was more severe in these countries than elsewhere in Central Europe, but on the other hand much of this past could more easily be externalized onto the former Soviet Union (and by extension Russia) following re-independence. Transitional and Retrospective Justice in the Baltic States develops a novel conceptual framework in order to understand the politics involved with...

  • former 成形机
  • Europe 欧洲
  • seeking 勘查
  • Baltic &International Maritime Council波罗的海国际海运协会
  • communist 共产主义
  • more 更多
  • still 
  • justice 合法
  • three 
  • years 年代