A claim in need of ‘special treatment’: compensating for Greek tobacco seized by the German occupation authorities during World War II
作者: Despina-Georgia Konstantinakou
作者单位: 1Hellenic Open University despina49@hotmail.com
刊名: Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, 2018, Vol.42 (1), pp.134-150
来源数据库: Cambridge University Press Journal
DOI: 10.1017/byz.2017.21
原始语种摘要: Before World War II, tobacco was the most important Greek export, but just days after the German invasion in April 1941, the occupation authorities rushed to seize the tobacco production. While this article will document the seizure, most importantly, it will take a deeper look at how Greek tobacco producers and traders sought compensation for losses incurred as the result of the confiscation of their tobacco. It will also present how the German and the Greek postwar authorities handled these claims, taking into consideration Greek and German archival sources, which have hitherto been relatively neglected.
全文获取路径: Cambridge U Press  (合作)

  • authorities 上级
  • occupation 占有
  • tobacco 烟草
  • German 德国人
  • will 意志
  • sought 探寻
  • claim 权利要求范围
  • look 
  • confiscation 没收
  • hitherto 至今