Analysis for efficiency potential of crystalline Si solar cells
作者: Masafumi YamaguchiKan-Hua LeeKenji ArakiNobuaki KojimaYoshio Ohshita
作者单位: 1* Toyota Technological Institute , Nagoya 468-8511 , Japan
刊名: Journal of Materials Research, 2018, Vol.33 (17), pp.2621-2626
来源数据库: Cambridge University Press Journal
DOI: 10.1557/jmr.2018.262
原始语种摘要: Efficiency potential of crystalline Si solar cells is analyzed by considering external radiative efficiency (ERE), voltage, and fill factor losses. Crystalline Si solar cells have an efficiency potential of more than 28.5% by realizing ERE of 20% from about 5% and normalized resistance of less than 0.05 from around 0.1. Nonradiative recombination losses in single-crystalline and multicrystalline Si solar cells are also discussed. Especially, nonrecombination and resistance losses in multicrystalline Si solar cells are shown to be higher than those of single-crystalline cells. Importance of further improvement of minority-carrier lifetime in crystalline Si solar cells is suggested for further improvement of crystalline Si solar cells. High efficiency of more than 28.5% will be realized by...
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  • solar 太阳
  • cells 麻风细胞
  • crystalline 晶质的
  • potential 
  • efficiency 效率
  • improvement 改良
  • single 单独的
  • further 进一步
  • more 更多
  • suggested 建议