Ottoman textiles and Greek clerical vestments: prolegomena on a neglected aspect of ecclesiastical material culture
作者: Nikolaos Vryzidis
作者单位: 1British School at Athens
刊名: Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, 2018, Vol.42 (1), pp.92-114
来源数据库: Cambridge University Press Journal
DOI: 10.1017/byz.2017.22
原始语种摘要: This article discusses a neglected aspect of Greek ecclesiastical material culture: the wide use of Ottoman textiles after the conquest of Constantinople. My discussion will touch upon Greek archival sources before analysing three different types of textiles: aniconic silks and velvets; Ottoman figural production for the Christian market; and embroidery of the Byzantine tradition featuring Ottoman motifs. These categories represent three different points of contact between Ottoman aesthetic and Greek ecclesiastical material culture. If the use of aniconic textiles expresses the employment of court aesthetic, then the figural silks represent the weaving industry's response to a Christian demand for such products. Finally, the Byzantine-tradition embroideries discussed constitute evidence...
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  • ecclesiastical 教堂的
  • culture 
  • textiles 纺织物
  • Christian 基督徒
  • material 充填料
  • neglected 被忽视的
  • aspect 季相
  • weaving 编织
  • clerical 办事员
  • aesthetic 美学的