Hart Studies in Comparative Public Law
副标题: Through the Lens of Comparative Constitutional Law
作者: Dennis DavisCheryl SaundersAlan Richter
出版社: Hart Publishing Ltd.,   2015
ISBN: 9781841138558
来源数据库: Hart Pub Book
原始语种摘要: Dennis Davis is currently a Judge of the High Court of South Africa and Judge President of the Competition Appeal Court. Before his appointment to the Bench he held professorial appointments at both the University of Cape Town and University of the Witwatersrand, where he was also the director of the Centre for Applied Legal Studies.Alan Richter is Founder and President of QED Consulting in New York. A philosopher by training, he advises on values, culture and change, and has provided strategic consulting and facilitation and program delivery for varied organizations globally.Cheryl Saunders is a Laureate Professor at the University of Melbourne, Australia. She is a President Emeritus of the International Association of Constitutional Law and President of the International Association of...
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  • philosopher 哲学家
  • President 总统牌汽车
  • International 国际的国际性组织
  • Australia 澳大利亚
  • Association 美国公共卫生协会
  • program 程序
  • director 引向器
  • where 哪里
  • culture 
  • strategic 战略的