Characteristics of MHD instabilities limiting the beta value in LHD
作者: S. SakakibaraK.Y. WatanabeY. TakemuraM. OkamotoS. OhdachiY. SuzukiY. NarushimaK. IdaM. YoshinumaK. TanakaT. TokuzawaI. YamadaH. YamadaY. Takeiri
作者单位: 1National Institute for Fusion Science, Toki 509-5292, Japan
2SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies), Toki 509-5292, Japan
3Ishikawa National College of Technology, Ishikawa 929-0392, Japan
刊名: Nuclear Fusion, 2015, Vol.55 (8)
来源数据库: Institute of Physics Journal
DOI: 10.1088/0029-5515/55/8/083020
原始语种摘要: Effects of low- n magnetohydrodynamic instabilities on plasma performance have been assessed in the regime where an achieved beta value is limited by instabilities. The unstable regime of an ideal interchange mode is characterized by enhanced magnetic hill and reduced magnetic shear. Experiments have clarified that (i) low- n modes are significantly destabilized in the ideal-unstable configurations and lead to degradation of central beta by at most 60%, and (ii) the degree of their damages strongly depends on the mode rotation velocity. The occurrence of the minor collapse is independent of an existence of an error field.
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  • value 
  • degradation 减嚣夷酌
  • achieved 获得的
  • unstable 不稳定的
  • regime 状况
  • enhanced 增强
  • their 他们的
  • clarified 澄清了的
  • minor 次要的
  • rotation 旋转