Association of Renal Profile with Severity of Disease in Liver Cirrhosis Patients
作者: Deva Lal Kast
刊名: International Journal of Contemporary Medicine Surgery and Radiology, 2018
来源数据库: International Society of Contemporary Medical Research
关键词: CirrhosisLiverRenal
原始语种摘要: Introduction: Liver fibrosis results from the perpetuation of the normal wound healing response resulting in an abnormal continuation of fibrogenesis (connective tissue production and deposition). Special care should be given for the recognition of the acute or chronic character of renal disease in liver cirrhosis patients. Hence; we planned the present study to assess the correlation of renal profile with the severity of disease in liver cirrhosis patients. Material and methods: The present study included evaluation of liver cirrhosis patients and finding of correlation of severity of disease with the renal profile. A total of 40 liver cirrhosis patients were included in the present study. Complete demographic and clinical details of all the patients were obtained. We carried out all the...
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  • cirrhosis 硬变
  • liver 
  • renal 肾的
  • profile 纵断图
  • severity 严重性
  • abnormal 异常的
  • included 内藏的
  • fibrogenesis 纤维发生
  • present 出席的
  • hepatic 肝的