Lessons from Bandura’s Bobo Doll Experiments: Leadership’s Deliberate Indifference Exacerbates Workplace Bullying in Higher Education
作者: Leah P Hollis
刊名: Journal for the Study of Postsecondary and Tertiary Education (JSPTE), 2019, Vol.4 , pp.085-102
来源数据库: Informing Science Institute
原始语种摘要: Aim/Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to apply Albert Bandura’s findings of the Bobo Doll experiments to organizational behavior and workplace bullying in higher education. The Bandura social psychological experiments confirm that people who see aggression also need to witness an intervention to aggression to learn that the organization does not welcome aggression in their work environment.Background: By applying the Bandura experiment, the researcher shows how leadership can intervene to stop organizational aggression and abuse. Without leadership intervention, workplace bullying continues in higher education.Methodology: The researcher used a data set of 730 higher education professionals. The central research question: RQ Which personnel, bullied or not bullied, are more likely to...
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  • workplace 工作场所
  • leadership 指挥
  • organizational 组织
  • intervention 
  • aggression 攻击袭击
  • intervene 插进
  • education 培养
  • higher 
  • indifference 不关心
  • likely 大概