Quality of Work Life as a Predictor of Organizational Effectiveness: Public vs Private Sectors
作者: Razia SaleemSajid Ali KhanShah Mohd Khan
刊名: Recent Advances in Psychology, 2017, Vol.4 (2), pp.88-97
来源数据库: Indianjournals.com
关键词: Quality of Work LifeEmployeesOrganizational EffectivenessPublic SectorPrivate Sector
原始语种摘要: This study was carried out in different public and private sector organizations located in Aligarh city. The data was collected from 300 employees through convenience sampling. Quality of work life scale, (Shah & Ansari, 2000) and organizational effectiveness scale, (Srivastava & Bannerjee, 1997) were used to collect data. The results reveal that quality of work life was significantly and positively related with organizational effectiveness and its dimensions. Further, overall quality of work life, self-respect, promotion, and employee health, autonomy at work and employee participation emerges as significant predictors of organizational effectiveness of employees. The employees who experienced higher level of quality of work life, showed higher level of organizational effectiveness to...
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  • quality 品质
  • higher 
  • effectiveness 有效性
  • positively 断然
  • organizational 组织
  • level 水准
  • collect 采集
  • through 经过
  • convenience 便利
  • carried 携带