Locus of Control and Cigarette Smoking
作者: Mousumi Bhattacharyya
刊名: Recent Advances in Psychology, 2017, Vol.4 (1), pp.152-160
关键词: CigaretteSmokingLocus of controlChain smokersControlled regular smokersNon smokersEx smokers
原始语种摘要: A group of 200 (50 non smokers, 50 controlled regular smokers, 50 chain smokers and 50 ex smokers) employed married couples aged between 30 yrs to 50 yrs of age whose minimum educational qualification was graduation were selected as sample in this investigation. A general information schedule and Rotter's external internal control scale were administered on the sample. Finding reveals that, Wives of chain smokers and controlled regular smokers are externally controlled; on the contrary, other groups are internally controlled. The reasons behind the externally controlled as expressed by the wives are mainly-i) they believe that many unhappy things in peoples life are partly due to bad luck, ii) heredity plays a major role in determining personality, iii) bad things are balanced by the good...
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  • believe 认为
  • person 人称
  • ignorance 忽略
  • lonely 孤独
  • controlled 受控
  • behind 在后
  • contrary 相反的
  • doing 行为
  • internally 在内部
  • unhappy 不幸的