Post-translational cleavage and self-interaction of the phytoplasma effector SAP11
作者: Yen-Ting LuKai-Tan ChengShin-Ying JiangJun-Yi Yang
刊名: Phytopathogenic Mollicutes, 2015, Vol.5 (1-Suppl.), pp.S13-S14
DOI: 10.5958/2249-4677.2015.00005.5
关键词: PhytoplasmaSAP11post-translational modification
原始语种摘要: Phytoplasmas are insect-transmitted intracellular plant bacterial pathogens that secreted effectors into host cells to interfere with host developmental or metabolic processes. Recently, the secreted aster yellows phytoplasma strain witches’ broom protein 11 (SAP11) has been shown to play as virulence factor that alters plant development, hormone biosynthesis, phosphate homeostasis and defense responses. Here it is shown that SAP11 undergoes proteolytic processing in planta and interacts with itself in vitro . These biochemical studies provide basic information for understanding the functional mechanisms of SAP11, but the biological relevance of post-translational cleavage and self-interaction of SAP11 need further investigation.
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  • translational 平移的
  • effector 效应器效应物
  • cleavage 解理
  • SAP Security Assistance Program
  • developmental 试验性的
  • interaction 相互酌
  • functional 功能的
  • biosynthesis 生物合成
  • bacterial 细菌的
  • further 进一步