Henry Andrew Imshaug—1925–2010: A tribute
作者: Irwin M. Brodo
刊名: The Bryologist, 2011, Vol.114 (2), pp.401-407
来源数据库: BioOne Complete
DOI: 10.1639/0007-2745-114.2.401
关键词: Henry ImshaugSubantarcticWest IndiesMichigan State University
原始语种摘要: Henry Imshaug, a noted North American lichenologist, died in November of 2010 at the age of 85. He spent his career at Michigan State University and was best known for his work on the genus Buellia, his enormous and important collections from the Rocky Mountains, Great Lakes region, West Indies and subantarctic islands together with his studies of those collections, and for his mentoring of a number of successful students in lichenology and bryology.
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  • subantarctic 亚南极
  • Rocky 落矶牌汽车
  • Henry 电]亨利(电感单位)[H,HY
  • lichenology 地衣学
  • Andrew 皇家海军水手的浑名
  • enormous 巨大的
  • bryology 苔藓植物学
  • November 十一月
  • genus 
  • together 共同