New Records of Lichinomycetes in Sweden and the Nordic Countries
作者: Maria PrietoMartin WestbergMatthias Schultz
刊名: Herzogia, 2015, Vol.28 (1), pp.142-152
来源数据库: BioOne Complete
DOI: 10.13158/heia.28.1.2015.142
关键词: AlvarCyanolichensLichinalesLichinaceaeScandinavia
原始语种摘要: Prieto, M., Westberg, M. & Schultz, M. 2015. New records of Lichinomycetes in Sweden and the Nordic countries. — Herzogia 28 : 142–152.;;Six species of Lichinomycetes are newly reported for Sweden, of which three are also new for the Nordic countries. Lichinella stipatula is the first species of the mainly Mediterranean genus Lichinella s.str. found in the Nordic countries. The new records increase the number of Psorotichia species in Sweden and the Nordic countries to three (previously only one), Lichinella to two (considering Thallinocarpon nigritellum as belonging to Lichinella s.l.), and Anema species in Sweden to two ( A. tumidulum and A. nummularium ). The genus Metamelanea is recorded for the first time in Sweden with two species (M. caesiella and M. umbonata ). Four of the...
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  • first 第一
  • calcareous 钙质的
  • alvar 矮灌木草地
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