Figure Interpretation Assessment Tool-Health (FIAT-health) 2.0: from a scoring instrument to a critical appraisal tool
作者: Reinie G. GerritsNiek S. KlazingaMichael J. van den BergDionne S. Kringos
来源数据库: SJBM BioMed 文献
DOI: 10.1186/s12874-019-0797-6
原始语种摘要: Statistics are frequently used in health advocacy to attract attention, but are often misinterpreted. The Figure Interpretation Assessment Tool–Health (FIAT-Health) 1.0 was developed to support systematic assessment of the interpretation of figures on health and health care. This study aimed to test and evaluate the FIAT-Health 1.0 amongst its intended user groups, and further refine the tool based on our results. Potential users (N = 32) were asked to assess one publicly reported figure using the FIAT-Health 1.0, and to justify their assessments and share their experience in using the FIAT-Health. In total four figures were assessed. For each figure, an expert on the specific topic (N = 4) provided a comparative assessment. The consistency of the answers was calculated, and answers to...
全文获取路径: BMC 
影响因子:2.211 (2012)

  • appraisal 估价
  • critical 临界的
  • instrument 工具
  • scoring 擦伤