Vasohibin-1 is identified as a master-regulator of endothelial cell apoptosis using gene network analysis
作者: Muna AffaraDebbie SandersHiromitsu ArakiYoshinori TamadaBenjamin J DunmoreSally HumphreysSeiya ImotoChristopher SavoieSatoru MiyanoSatoru KuharaDavid JeffriesCristin PrintD Stephen Charnock-Jones
来源数据库: SJBM BioMed 文献
DOI: 10.1186/1471-2164-14-23
原始语种摘要: Apoptosis is a critical process in endothelial cell (EC) biology and pathology, which has been extensively studied at protein level. Numerous gene expression studies of EC apoptosis have also been performed, however few attempts have been made to use gene expression data to identify the molecular relationships and master regulators that underlie EC apoptosis. Therefore, we sought to understand these relationships by generating a Bayesian gene regulatory network (GRN) model. ECs were induced to undergo apoptosis using serum withdrawal and followed over a time course in triplicate, using microarrays. When generating the GRN, this EC time course data was supplemented by a library of microarray data from EC treated with siRNAs targeting over 350 signalling molecules. The GRN model proposed...
全文获取路径: BMC 
影响因子:4.397 (2012)

  • master 原图
  • regulator 第器
  • analysis 分析
  • apoptosis 细胞死
  • endothelial 内皮的
  • network 网络