Development of Society under the Modern Technology- A Review
作者: Aasif Ali NaikooShashank Shekhar ThakurTariq Ahmad GurooAadil Altaf Lone
刊名: Scholedge International Journal of Business Policy & Governance ISSN 2394-3351, 2018, Vol.5 (1), pp.1-8
来源数据库: Scholedge Publishing Inc.
原始语种摘要: The main objective of the present study is to know the relationship between society and technology, where emphasize have been put on development process under modern science and technology and its perspectives. Technology has completely revolutionized present era in every aspect of life especially dealing with society. Technology has transformed the methods of education, communication, business, art and literature, and has resulted in the enhancement in the core spheres of life, before this blessed gift the knowledge regarding the above mentioned spheres was limited because of the restricted methods and methodologies etc. Due to blessings of science and technology we are now able to check the advancement of every department working around our society with a single click of internet. It is...
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  • development 开发
  • process 过程
  • society 组合
  • technology 工艺
  • issue 
  • especially 特别地
  • dealing 对待
  • department 
  • discuss 议论
  • about 大约