Socialist Impressions of Revolutionary Russia, 1920
作者: Albert S. Lindemann
刊名: Russian History, 1974, Vol.1 (1), pp.31 -45
来源数据库: Brill期刊
DOI: 10.1163/187633174x00046
原始语种摘要: The response to the Bolshevik Revolution in Western Europe ranged from uncritical adulation, where Russia was viewed as a "red paradise," to bitter hostility, where the new regime was believed to be headed by mindless and heartless fanatics who were propagating fraticide and terror. Such conflicting convictions were formed without very much reliable information about revolutionary Russia, expecially after Soviet Russia left the war and was blockaded by the Allies. Expectably, the opinions that existed corresponded to political persuasion rather than copious evidence. It was not until mid-1920, after the war had ended and the blockade lifted, that westerners were able to observe revolutionary Russia in a more thorough and leisured fashion. Moreover, the Bolshevik regime had by this time...
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  • revolutionary 革命
  • Russia 俄罗斯牌手表
  • socialist 社会主义者
  • committed 承诺
  • mindless 不注意的
  • negotiate 交涉
  • paradise 方形庭院
  • uncritical 不加批评的
  • bitter 苦的
  • terror 恐怖