Adeno-associated viral vectors and successful gene therapy, the gap is closing
作者: Candace SummerfordJeffrey S. BartlettRichard Jude Samulski
刊名: Gene Therapy and Regulation, 2000, Vol.1 (1), pp.9 -32
来源数据库: Brill期刊
DOI: 10.1163/156855800744511
原始语种摘要: A wide stream of in vivo studies have now confirmed the prediction that rAAV vectors have the primary requirements for effective gene transfer. AAV vectors can efficiently transduce both dividing and non-dividing cells, they are able to mediate long-term gene expression, and are showing no signs of cytotoxicity or immune response. In addition, recent advancements in the production and purification technologies of AAV vectors have lead to the ability to generate high titer clinical grade vector. This review will focus on studies which have fueled the emergence of AAV as an attractive vector for gene delivery. Discussion will center on the ability of AAV to mediate long-term transgene expression in vivo, the recent success of AAV vectors in animal models, and current clinical trials that...
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  • expression 表示
  • recent 近来的
  • confirmed 已确认的
  • addition 添加
  • mediate 
  • successful 成功的
  • closing 闭合
  • transgene 输异基因
  • animal 动物的
  • dividing 分度