Another one bites the gift: sexual behaviour in a Trechaleoides species
作者: Mariana C. Trillo María José Albo
刊名: Arachnology, 2019, Vol.18 (3)
来源数据库: British Arachnological Society
关键词: Nuptial giftsSpidersTrechaleidae
原始语种摘要: In some spiders, nuptial gifts consist of prey or inedible items wrapped in silk by males and offered to females during courtship. Such gifts occur in the Neotropical family Trechaleidae, of which most species are semi-aquatic, associated with watercourses in riparian habitats. Here, we describe the sexual behaviour of the South American species Trechaleoides keyserlingi and report the presence of nuptial gift-giving behaviour for the first time in the genus.
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  • courtship 求偶
  • behaviour 性质
  • sexual 两性的
  • species 
  • spiders 高级纱罗
  • aquatic 水生的
  • inedible 不可食的
  • consist 包含
  • genus 
  • riparian 河岸的