Estimating vertical soil water fluxes with tracers and time domain reflectometry (tdr) in a sand column under controlled labo
作者: S.A. KrebaC.P. Maule
刊名: Canadian Society for Bioengineering, 2010
来源数据库: 外文期刊
关键词: soil water fluxtime domain reflectometrytracer methodsoil column
原始语种摘要: There are a number of methods that have been developedand used for determination of soil water flux. Soil water flux determination is a complex measurement, requiring measurementof various components over a period of time. The objectives of this study are to show that time domain reflectrometry (TDR)can be a useful tool for estimation of soil water fluxes using tracer methods and to evaluate the accuracy of a tracer methodin estimating soil water flow under mostly saturated conditions. A TDR system within a sand column with a KCl tracer was used.The TDR was used to simultaneously determine tracer concentration and moisture content. Two methods of flow determination were used: peak migration and soil water balance. Both methods were used for upward and downward flow directions. The peak...

  • 迁移 同时地
  • tdr 延时继电器
  • tracer 示踪物
  • water 
  • reflectometry 反射测定法
  • under 在下
  • domain 领域
  • balance 平衡
  • simultaneously 同时地
  • migration 同时地
  • determination 测定