English Language Teaching and Cultural Implications in Saudi Arabia
作者: Muhammad Umar FarooqAbdul Fatah SoomroAbdul Fatah SoomroMuhammad Umer Muhammad Umer
刊名: International Journal of English Linguistics, 2018, Vol.8 (3), pp.177
来源数据库: Canadian Center of Science and Education
DOI: 10.5539/ijel.v8n3p177
原始语种摘要: Culture and language are inseparable. Language is used both as a means of communication as well as a carrier of culture. Language without culture is unthinkable, so is human culture without language (Wei, 2005). While teaching a foreign language, a teacher needs to accustom himself with the culture of the target language and the culture of learners. However, teachers in different classrooms in different parts of the world still ignore the importance of culture as a part of language study. This study focuses on perception and practices of teachers regarding culture and English language teaching in Saudi Arabia. The data were collected from 121 (60 male and 61 female) teachers of different cultural background through a questionnaire on their perceptions and implication of teaching target...
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  • English 英语英国的英国人的英语的
  • teaching 教学
  • language 语言
  • unthinkable 难以想象的
  • accustom 使...习惯于
  • classroom 教室
  • culture 
  • himself 自己
  • inseparable 不可分离的
  • ignore 忽视