Corrosion and Fungal Growth Inhibiting Effects of Piper guineense Extracts
作者: E.O. ImoJ.C. OrjiC.O. Nweke
作者单位: 1Department of Microbiology, Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria
刊名: Journal of Applied & Environmental Microbiology, 2018, Vol.6 (2), pp.37-41
来源数据库: Science and Education Publishing
DOI: 10.12691/jaem-6-2-2
原始语种摘要: Seed extracts of Piper guineense were assessed for anticorrosion and antifungal activities. The study was performed on aluminum (Al) coupon with weight percentage composition of Al>95% and 3x1.5x0.1cm in size. Anticorrosion effects of the extracts was studied using gravimetric and potentiodynamic polarization techniques, while the antifungal potency of ethanol, methanol, cold water and hot water extracts respectively against the corrosion-associated Aspergellius fumigatus was assessed by agar disc diffusion methods. Results revealed that the corrosion of the aluminum was inhibited by adsorption of the extract organic matter on the surface of the metal. Proximate phytochemical analysis of the P.guineense reveals the presence of alkaloids (1.67±0.29%), flavonoids (0.64±0.05%), tannins...
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  • extracts 摘记
  • phytochemical 植物化学的
  • tannins 鞣酸类
  • anticorrosion 抗腐蚀
  • saponin 皂荚苷
  • alkaloids 生物碱类
  • antifungal 抗真菌的
  • flavonoids 黄酮类似物
  • aluminum 
  • inhibition 抑制