Going from What Is, to What Should Be, to Care Better for Our Patients and Families
作者: Edmund G. Howe
刊名: JClinEthics, 2017, Vol.28 (2), pp.85-96
来源数据库: The Journal of Clinical Ethics
原始语种摘要: This piece discusses ways in which clinicians may go beyond their usual practices. These include exploring the limits of old laws, consulting with colleagues and ethics committees earlier and more often, and giving patients’ family members new choices they didn’t have previously. This could include asking patients and family members whether clinicians should prioritize staying in the single, unconflicted role of serving patients and families, even when this might preclude simultaneously serving another interest, for example, that of a hospital.
全文获取路径: 临床伦理期刊  (合作)

  • members 
  • serving 电缆外皮
  • earlier 早期的
  • prioritize 列入优先
  • staying 
  • simultaneously 同时地
  • ethics 伦理学
  • limits 范围
  • giving 给予物
  • previously 以前