What Do We Owe Medical Students and Medical Colleagues Who Are Impaired?
作者: Edmund G. Howe
刊名: JClinEthics, 2016, Vol.27 (2), pp.87-98
来源数据库: The Journal of Clinical Ethics
原始语种摘要: Physicians who are impaired, engage in unprofessional behavior, or violate laws may be barred from further practice. Likewise, medical students may be dismissed from medical school for many infractions, large and small. The welfare of patients and the general public must be our first priority, but when we assess physicians and students who have erred, we should seek to respond as caringly and fairly as possible. This piece will explore how we may do this at all stages of the proceedings physicians and students may encounter. This may include helping them to resume their medical careers if and when this would be sufficiently safe and beneficial for patients.
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  • unprofessional 非专业的
  • barred 遮断式干扰
  • engage 从事
  • fairly 比较
  • piece 一块
  • helping 一份饭菜
  • assess 查定
  • will 意志
  • violate 违反
  • sufficiently 充足地