Association of Atherosclerotic Renal Artery Stenosis with Coronary Artery Disease
作者: Krishna Kanta SenMahboob AliAmal Kumar ChoudhuryPradip Kumar KarmakarMd KhalequzzamanMd AkhtaruzzamanSalahuddin UlubbiMd Arifur RahmanMd Shaheeen KabirMd BadiuzzamanSharafat Nurul IslamBithi Rani Roy
刊名: Cardiovascular Journal, 2015, Vol.7 (2), pp.114-118
来源数据库: Cardiovascular Journal
DOI: 10.3329/cardio.v7i2.22258
关键词: Renal artery stenosisCoronary artery disease
原始语种摘要: Background: The association between extent and severity of coronary artery disease (CAD) and renal artery stenosis (RAS) has been well established in many studies. The aim of this study was to assess the incidence and severity of RAS in patients with CAD. Methods: Coronary angiogram (CAG) and renal angiogram was done in standard protocol. A total of 95 patients was included in the study and divided into two groups according to the presence of significant renal artery stenosis. In Group I 45 patients were having normal or insignificant renal artery stenosis. In Group II 50 patients were having significant renal artery stenosis. All data were recorded systematically in preformed data collection form. Results: In Group I, most common CAG findings were single vessel disease (SVD) (91.1%),...
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  • stenosis 压缩
  • Association 美国公共卫生协会
  • renal 肾的
  • artery 动脉
  • severity 严重性
  • angiogram 管造影术
  • coronary 冠状的
  • significant 有效的
  • extent 范围
  • vessel 容器