SIGKDD Impact Program 2018
作者: Rok SosičRayid GhaniJure Leskovec
刊名: ACM SIGKDD Explorations Newsletter, 2019, Vol.21 (1), pp.36-37
来源数据库: Association for Computing Machinery Journal
DOI: 10.1145/3331651.3331657
原始语种摘要: The SIGKDD Impact Program was established in 2017. As the SIGKDD community has expanded its reach dramati- cally over the past few years and the KDD conference has grown into a major global event, the aim for the social im- pact program is to focus the power of the community to- wards a broader positive societal impact. The goal of this program was to support projects that pro- mote data science, increase its impact on society, and help the data science community. The project duration was lim- ited to one year. The total amount of funding provided by the SIGKDD Impact Program in 2018 was $250k, given as unrestricted gifts. Projects funded in 2018 were required to present a mid- project update of their work and outcomes at the KDD 2018 conference in London in August 2018.
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  • community 群落
  • conference 会议
  • duration 持续时间
  • event 事件
  • impact 冲击碰撞
  • science 科学
  • update 修改
  • project 凸出
  • funding 债务转期
  • focus 焦点